What does Zero Waste mean?

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Have you ever thought about what “away” means when you say “throw away”? Just because something lands in the trash can doesn’t really mean it went away. All our garbage goes either into landfill or the incinerator where it will pollute the groundwater and air.

The idea of Zero Waste is to send no trash at all to landfills or incinerators. How? For example by refusing single use items such as plastic cups and plastic bottles, Styrofoam containers or plastic bags. And by recycling everything that is recyclable such as glass, paper, certain plastics and cans. And by collecting food waste to compost it. 

But most of all by consuming less and wasting less!

What else you can do to join the Zero Waste movement:

-         Always bring a reusable water bottle with you.
Use reusable shopping bags and refuse to take plastic ones.
-         Compost
Buy second hand or swap clothes and toys with your friends
Donate clothes

Maybe you can set a goal with your family to go from one filled household trash bag every week to just a half. Eventually you might fit all your landfill trash for one hole year in mason jar – just like the family in this video!

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