Ban on Plastic Straws and Cotton Swabs in UK


Think about what plastic items you use in your home. Maybe you think of straws, plastic bags, plastic containers, sometimes bottles or spoons? Cotton swabs (often just called Qtips) might not come to your mind. However, cotton swabs are one of the most serious sources of ocean pollution. They are small enough to be eaten by birds and marine life. And they are often just flushed down the toilets.

That's why the British government now suggested that they will ban all cotton swabs and also plastic straws from being sold in the U.K. They would be the first country to do that! How awesome.

Here is what you can do: Write to your local government representatives and tell them that you want your town or even your state to follow that example and ban single use straws, bags and cotton swabs. 

Elna BauNews