Almost every person in the world breathes polluted air.



A new study found that more than 95 per cent of all people in the world are breathing dangerously polluted air.

Air Pollution means that harmful gases get into the Earth’s atmosphere causing breathing problems and diseases for humans and animals. Millions of people die each year because they breathe in polluted air. Acid rain that poisons plants, chemicals that destroy the atmosphere’s ozone layer, and greenhouse gases that are responsible for Global Warming are other severe effects of air pollution.

There are many reasons for polluted air: Cars, ships and airplanes are the biggest polluters. People cooking over open fires in developing countries, industries that produce goods or burn waste, or farmers that spray pesticides and fertilizers are all to blame for the pollution.

In some cities in China people often can't see further than a few yards because the smog in their town is so thick.

What you can do

Ask your parents to use their car less, and to turn of the motor when the car is parked. . Use mass transportation, such as a bus, or walk or bike to get to places. Educate others about the dangers of air pollution.

Elna BauNews