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All over the world about one third of all foods are wasted — in every step from farm to fork. however one in nine people in the world doesn't get enough to eat!

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What is Food Waste?
Food is wasted during production, when farmers lack the skills to properly grow their crops or when severe weather destroys the harvest. It is wasted during transportation, when food goes bad due to the long distances it must travel to get to markets. It is wasted in the store, when it isn’t sold before its expiration date. And it is wasted in peoples’ homes, when food that is no longer needed is thrown in the trash can. More

What is an Expiration Date? 

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Fight food waste in your family

  • Think twice about how much you put on your plate from a restaurant.
  • Skip the snack before dinner so you are not full before dinner is served.
  • Keep a half eaten cereal bar for the next day. 
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Join the Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaign
Most people think that if a fruit or vegetable isn't perfectly shaped you shouldn't buy it. WRONG: "Ugly" produce is perfectly fresh, nutritious and often even healthier because organic fruit and veggies from small farms come in all shapes and sizes. More

From stalk to leave: Eat it all.
When you eat produce, make sure to use as much of the vegetable as you can. The stalk and leaves of broccoli for example make delicious snacks raw or baked, or they can be juiced. The peel of carrots, celery or parsnip, the green parts of leeks or stems of parsley can be cooked into a yummy broth. More


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