Fight food waste in your family


Do you know what you would do with 1,500 USD? You probably have a lot of things you’ve wished for a long time?

Here is a way to save that amount of money and at the same time help the environment: Fight food waste in your family! On average a family of four throws away food that cost about 1,500 USD every year.

There are vegetables that go bad because no one is eating them, unfinished dinner plates, expired yogurts, your parents might have bought or ordered too much, you forgot to eat your snack, you are not hungry at dinner or you don’t like what is served.

What you can do:

  • Think twice about how much you put on your plate or order from a restaurant.
  • Skip the snack before dinner so you are not full before dinner is served.
  • Keep a half eaten cereal bar for the next day.
  • Buy not perfectly shaped "ugly" produce that no one else will pick
  • Make a shopping list before you and your parents go to the store.
  • Don’t use food for playing.
  • Check the expiration labels on packaged food for “expires on” and "best before”. The latter gives you a few more days before the item might go bad.
  • Use leftover bread for bread crumbs, leftover fruit for smoothies, leftover veggies and meat for a pasta sauce.
    Research for more creative leftover ideas on the web. For example offers a list of 19 Clever Ways to Fight Family Food Waste
DoElna Bau