Getting rid of plastic straws, Marie 6th grade


Hi my name is Marie I am a sixth grader at Avenues. I love the ocean and I want to do something. I have started to work with a group called The Surfrider Foundation. Together we are trying to convince restaurants to stop providing one time use plastic straws.

We are talking to the restaurant owner or manager if they want to sign up for "Strawless Summer". That means they will no longer offer plastic straws to their customers, but instead use paper ones. If they sign up they will receive a window sticker to show their commitment and we will mention the restaurant on the Surfrider Foundation website and in Social Media.

Why it is so important to get rid of plastic straws:

People in America use more than 500 million straws every day. A lot of them end up in the oceans where they cause a lot of damage. Sea animals such as turtles, sea birds or large fish swallow the plastic and die of it.  Or the straws are grind into so called micro particles that fish will swallow. 

Straws can’t be recycled and they are so light that they get easily blown out of trash cans and then they land in gutters and eventually in the oceans.
The Surfrider Foundation is a community of people who want to protect the oceans. For the straw project we are planning to talk to restaurant owners and convince them of alternative straws, especially those made out of paper. We are also designing small paper cards for the tables that explain to customers why this restaurant no longer offers plastic straws. Like in hotel where cards let you choose if your towel needs to be washed by placing it on the floor or the towel rack.

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